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Fourniture de fichiers au format Inventor, AutoCad, STEP, IGES...

Formations sur AutoCad, Inventor et Vault

Audit et aide à la mise en place d'une GEDT pour votre Bureau d'Etudes.


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Through the Interface

Dont worry we must have finally reached peak Kean (ven., 29 mai 2020)
I have the sense that I’m seeing my face too much at the moment (admittedly I’m very attached to it… haha). All I can say, in my defence, is that over the last few weeks I’ve started to received more requests to participate in virtual activities. And I’ve mostly said yes, as it’s a reasonable alternative to travelling to meet people, given the current circumstances we’re all in. In case you haven’t seen these various pieces of virtual content – and you’re actually interested – here’s a quick round-up of some current and future ones. Getting Simple When my...
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An update on our post-COVID office layout explorations (Tue, 26 May 2020)
For the last few weeks I’ve once again been heads-down on Generative Design-related tasks after several months working almost exclusively on Dasher. I like switching context like this but it can certainly be a little disorientating, at first. Anyway, it’s been really interesting working once again with my friends in the AEC Industry Futures team (the rockstars formerly known as The Living), and with Rhys Goldstein – the designer of the algorithms driving the Space Analysis package – on imagining a tool to help with post-COVID office layouts. Something I speculated about a little while ago, although that was...
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