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Through the Interface

Overlaying a logo on the Forge viewer (ven., 17 févr. 2017)
Today I was asked to add the ability to place a custom logo onto an instance of the Forge viewer (in my case for Dasher 360, of course). It seemed like an interesting one to share, as I’m sure others have the same requirement. There are probably lots of ways to solve this – for instance by adding the image with its own camera as an overlay inside the Forge viewer’s 3D scene – but I decided to stick to something simple and have the browser overlay the image. There are a few changes needed for this to work....
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A new Forge developer blog (mar., 14 févr. 2017)
The Forge team (many of whom I worked with back when I was part of the Autodesk Developer Network organisation) have created a new developer blog focused on all things Forge. You’ll find a lot of the usual suspects who contributed to the Cloud & Mobile DevBlog (in fact that particular blog’s content has already been migrated across to the new site with the Forge branding). I expect lots of helpful information will be posted during the coming weeks/months/years. Be sure to bookmark it and check back regularly. Now if only I could find out how to search the...
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